Drainage Solutions


ESSCO provides intelligent drainage system solutions which have a dual
purpose; protecting people from 
water, and water from people. Our partner ACO is the world leader in the design and manufacture of polymer concrete surface drainage systems. ACO DRAIN® surface drainage systems are designed to carry surface water and other liquids efficiently from a paved or hard-surface area to the underground drainage system.Polymer concrete is a versatile highly durable mn. It is a mixture of mineral aggregates and resins, which forms a lightweight, corrosion resistant material ideally suited to channel drainage.

4x the conventional compressive strength
Durability & Corrosion Resistance
Extremely low water absorption rate
Easy installation & handling
Hydraulic Efficiency
Precision moulded

The surface water or liquids being treated are collected from the surface as quickly and completely as possible by the system consisting of channels and/or gullies. 
Guarantees protection, safety & comfort for the people, buildings and traffic routes in the immediate vicinity.

The collected liquids are treated using integrated physical, chemical or
biological processes that ensure they can be discharged into the public sewers – the minimum requirement. Creates the conditions for recycling
and sustainable use.

Containers, barriers and valves ensure that the liquids stay within the drainage system where they can be properly controlled. Enhances protection and safety for extreme situations: e.g. heavy rain, flooding or handling hazardous liquids

Pumps, lifting plant, and pipe systems transfer the collected, treated and controlled water into the downstream systems and processes it. It also Brings the collected, treated & controlled water to the interfaces for further treatment, re-use or release.


The ACO Group is one of the world market leaders in drainage technology. Climate change brings us face to face with challenges to respond to new environmental influences by developing innovative solutions. With its integrated approach, ACO stands for professional drainage, economical cleaning, and the controlled release and reuse of water. 

We do this by processing polymer concrete, stainless steel, plastic, cast iron and reinforced concrete. Because we make our products in environmentally-compatible processes, and use them creatively, ACO products satisfy up-and-coming demands for technical innovation, economical application, and sustainable construction.

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